Why Are Engineers Day Celebrated in India (Who is Mokshgundam Visvesvaraya)

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Engineer This Is The Name Which Is Like A Backbone Of Any Country, Where
Science Gets Recognition Due To The New Discovery Of That Country, While The
Engineers Work Like The Ecosystem Of That Country. Engineer This Is A Word That
People Of Every Country Like To Become More And More, They Also Increase Their
Respect By Making New Discoveries. In India, Engineer Day Is Celebrated On 15 September
Every Year.

This Article, We Are Going To Tell You Why Engineer Day Is Celebrated,  When Is Engineer Day Celebrated In Other
Country, When Is Engineer Day Celebrated, In Whose Memory Is Engineer Day It Is
Celebrated, Who Is Mokshagundam Vishveshwarayya, Complete Information About Mokshagundam
Vishveshwaraya, Interesting Things About Mokshagundam Vishveshwaraya, Engineer
Day Status 2019.
A Lie To Cover In This Article We Have All These Topics,
So Let’s Time Spend Know That Engineer Or Engineer Day Why Celebrated Without.

Why Are Engineer Day Celebrated?

Year On 15 September In India, Engineer Day Is Celebrated As A Commemoration Of
The Birthday Of Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. On This Day Mokshagundam
Vishveshvaraya Was Born. Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya Was An Indian Civil
Engineer, Internationally Recognized For His Talent In Harnessing Rainwater
Resources, Designed The Automatic Wear Water Flood Gates, Which Were First
Established In 1903 At The Khadakwasla Reservoir In Pune Was

Day Is Celebrated In Many Countries, Whose Date Is Different, By Celebrating September
15 As Engineer Day In India, All The Engineers Here Are Honored And Our Youth
Is Eager To Become An Engineer. Due To The Engine, New Discoveries Can Be Done,
In The Right Words, Engineer Day Is Celebrated Every Year On 15 September As A
Remembrance Of Mokshagundam Vishveshvaraya And Honoring The Indian Engineer.

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When Is Engineer’s Day Celebrated In Another Country?

Can Read Below That On Which Date Engineer Day Is Celebrated To Honor Its
Engineer There, Including India.

Country Name
When Is Engineering Day Celebrated
5 September
7 May
20 March
24 February
1 July
10 May
8 May
5 September
17 August
15 June
When Is Engineer Day Celebrated?

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You All Know That Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya Was Born On 15 September 1861, He
Died On 14 April 1962. When Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya Had Passed Away, The Government
Of India Announced To Celebrate Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya On 15 September Every
Year On The Auspicious Occasion Of His Birthday, As Engineer Day Or Engineer

In Whose Memory Is Engineer’s Day Celebrated?

Year On 15 September In India, Mokshagundam Is Celebrated In Memory Of Visvesvaraya.
He Was An Indian Civil Engineer. Internationally Recognized For His Talent In
Harnessing Rainwater Resources, He Designed The Automatic Wear Water Flood
Gates, Which Were First Established In 1903 At The Khadakwasla Reservoir In Pune.
Pleased With His Knowledge And Intellect, The Government Of India Honored Him
With Bharat Ratna.

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Who Is Mokshgundam Visvesvaraya

Visvesvaraya Was An Indian Civil Engineer, Born On 15 September 1861 In A Telugu
Family. His Father’s Name Was Srinivasa Shastri And Mother’s Name Was Venkachamma.
Father Was A Sanskrit Scholar. Visvesvaraya Completed His Early Education From
His Birthplace. For Further Studies, He Took Admission In The Central College Of
Bangalore, But Here He Lacked Funds.

They Had To Tutoring. Visvesvaraya Topped The BA Examination In 1881. After This,
With The Help Of The Government Of Mysore, He Joined The Science College Of Poona
For The Study Of Engineering. He Showed His Qualification By Getting First
Position In The 1883 LCE And FCE (BE Degree At Present). Due To This
Achievement, The Maharashtra Government Appointed Him To The Post Of Assistant
Engineer In Nashik.

Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya
15 September
Village- Maddenahalli,
District- Kolar, State- Karnataka (India)
Civil Engineer
14 April 1962
Interesting Facts About Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya

1.     Mokshagundam
Visvesvaraya Was Born On 15 September 1861.
2.     Mokshagundam
Visvesvaraya Was A Man To Show A Simple, But High Minded Person.
3.     He Used To
Give A Lot Of Importance Of Time, Not Even A Minute Wasted His Time.
4.     He Was
Always In Clean Clothes, But He Used To Be Simple.
5.     His Work Was
Worship For Him, He Was Always Doing Some Work.
6.     They Used To
Do Everything With Perfection. He Even Wrote And Practiced It Many Times Before
Giving A Speech.

7.     In India There
Was That British State, Even Then Visvesvaraya Ji Did Not Allow It To Be An
Obstacle In The Midst Of His Work, He Had Overcome Every Obstacle In India’s Development.
8.     India Feels
Proud Today Due To The Many Projects Undertaken By Them, If They Did Not Have
Such Strong Faith And Willful Strength For Their Work Then Today India Would
Not Have Been Able To Develop So Much.
9.     He Was A
Pure Vegetarian Person; His Connection Was Not Far From Drugs.
10. He Used To Walk Without Any Support Even At The Age Of 92, Meaning
He Kept Himself Fit Always.

Engineer Day Status 2019

1.     Engineers Are
Those Who Invent The World With Their Pen And Brain, Happy Engineers Day
2.     We Are
Cheats But We Do Not Cheat With Humanity, We Hate Studies But We Love
Technology, We Flirt With Flutters But We Are True Lovers, The World Cannot
Change Us But We Change The World May Be, We Do Not Have Books In Our Hands But
Revolutionary Ideas Are In Our Mind, We Meet You Engineers, Happy Engineers Day

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3.     If You Are
Running With Your Wits In Your Heart, Eyes Of Dreams And 4-5 Backlogs, Then You
Are An Engineer, Happy Engineers Day
4.     Anyone Who
Knows How To Use Ctrl + C And Ctrl + V Correctly, Can Become A Good Engineer
5.     Every Person
Is An Engineer, Some Build Houses, Some Build Software, Some Build Machines And
Some Make Dreams And Make Immortal By Immersing Their Stories In Ink Like Us.

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