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What is JioGigaFiber? Full Details of JioGigaFiber

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Mukesh Ambani, the founder of Reliance Jio and
India’s wealthiest person, has announced a new service named JioGigaFiber, in
which TV And Dish has been given to the consumer. What we have told you about
Mukesh Ambani, what is JioGigaFiber, how does JioGigaFiber work, when will
JioGigaFiber launch, who will be given JioGigaFiber, what will be new after
JioGigaFiber is launched, what about JioGigaFiber The plan is, what will be the
speed of JioGigaFiber, how can you take JioGigaFiber. We are going to cover all
this in this article.

You all know that after the launch of Jio, a
digital revolution had come in India. Consumers liked Jio’s cheapest plan and
Jio became the second largest mobile networking company in the world. Reliance
Jio discharged the companies which were earlier giving less help in expensive
plans than consumers. By the way, the company which was robbed of the consumer,
was also forced to give its cheap plan due to Reliance Jio and the company
which was not able to give cheap plan, the same stopped.

Just like that, Mukesh Ambani has announced
another big service called JioGigaFiber. JioGigaFiber will force many companies
to close in a few days due to their plans, because Reliance Jio offers the
cheapest plan, which other company will not be able to offer.

What is JioGigaFiber?

JioGigaFiber is a service under which the user
will get speeds up to 100MBPS, which is very high in the rest. With this, high
quality videos, games, photos etc. can be played easily. The company has
announced that through JioGigaFiber, users will get speeds up to 1GBPS, which
is very high. JioGigaFiber is in the set top box, through which voice commands
can be controlled. The set top box of JioGigaFiber runs with an internet cable.

How JioGigaFiber Works?

When you take JioGigaFiber plan, you get a TV
and a set top box from JioGigaFiber, in which you make a connection to your
home through JioGigaFiber service cable (wire). Through this you will be given
internet. Speed ​​will also be available due to FTTH. The cable used for this
service provides faster connectivity than others.

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When will JioGigaFiber launch?

JioGigaFiber is expected to be launched by the
first week of September, but from August 15, 2019, you can register for
JioGigaFiber on the Reliance Jio
. When you register for JioGigaFiber, the company will connect with
you after a few days.

Jio Giga Fiber: Jio Giga Fiber

Under the preview offer, Jio is offering 100
Mbps speed. But the company has promised that it will also give a speed of 1
Gbps. This speed can be found in premium plans. Currently, Spectra and ACT
FiberNet are providing one Gbps speed to users in India.

Who will be given the JioGigaFiber

JioGigaFiber plan will be given to everyone,
but in the initial days it has been promised to give JioGigaFiber plan in 1100
greenfield cities of India. When the promo of JioGigaFiber will be completed in
all greenfield cities, it will be given to JioGigaFiber service in rural areas
like villages, Kaswa.

What will be new after JioGigaFiber
is launched

At this time, the broadband services offered by
other companies in our country are very slow. At the same time, people who want
to get good internet speed under broadband service are charged more by these
companies. But now with the introduction of live Giga fiber, people of our
country will be able to get high speed internet at affordable prices through
broadband service.

With the help of Jio Giga Fiber, high speed
data connectivity will be available and in this way people will also be able to
convert their home into a smart home and by connecting things like their home
AC, TV and refrigerator to their home broadband, all these devices are
connected to the smartphone. Will be able to control through

People taking the Jio Giga Fiber Broadband
service will be able to watch any video for 4K (4K) streaming and experience
high clarity.

Those who use the VR headset will also be able
to connect this headset to their Jio Giga fiber network and watch 360 degree
video in 4K resolution.

What is the plan of JioGigaFiber

Mukesh Ambani has told about three plans of
JioGigaFiber. We try to tell you these three JioGigaFiber plans through the
chart. You can decide to take one plan by looking at all the three plans of
JioGigaFiber from here.

Plan No.
JioGigaFiber Service
700 rupees plan
With a minimum plan of Rs 700, you will be able to enjoy
unlimited calls from landline and Dish TV with HD channels with 100MBPS speed
1000 rupees plan
One GB per second speed, Jio Home TV, Jio IoT (all devices are
connected to the internet) offering movie watching with release.
Forever or welcome plan
With free calling and internet, customers will get HD or 4K LED
TV and 4K set top box for free.

What will be the speed of JioGigaFiber?

The speed of JioGigaFiber will depend on your
plan. Suppose you take a plan of 700 rupees then you will get internet plan
with MBPS speed, similarly if you take a plan of 10000 rupees then you will get
internet speed from 1GB Per Second. This speed is too high. You can decide for
yourself which plan you want or what type of internet speed you want.

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How to get JioGigaFiber 

If you have thought that I have to take any of
the three plans of JioGigaFiber, then you can take it. It is very easy to take
a JioGigaFiber plan, we should tell you how you can take a JioGigaFiber plan.

1. First of all visit Jio’s official website at
or go to
Let me tell you that at the moment many websites are running in the name of Jio
and Jio GigaFiber, from which you need to stay away.

2.  After this you will be asked whether you want a connection of Jio
GigaFiber at your home or in your office. After this you will also be asked for
address. After the address, you will be asked for full name, mobile number and
email ID. Do not make any mistake in mobile and email ID, after this an OTP
will come on the mobile number given by you.

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3.   After inserting the OTP you will be registered and after this you
will get an email and a message from Jio. After this, Jio officials will
contact you and then your Jio GigaFiber connection will be activated.

How to know if JioGigaFiber is in my

You can easily know whether JioGigaFiber is in
my area or not? You just have to click
and after that search your whistle or state name. Like I am from Patna
CT, I will search or see Patna or Bihar there. After that you will see the name
of your whistle or state there. You have to click on it, after that you can see
whether JioGigaFiber is in your area or not?

Last word

After the arrival of JioGigaFiber, after the
telecom company, the set-top box company will also grow rapidly. Internet will
start getting cheaper. The cheapest internet service is given in India in the
world, all this has been done due to Reliance Jio. If you are also eager to
take JioGigaFiber service in your home or office, then you can take it. This is
a great effort to increase India’s economy in the world.

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