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What is WhatsApp Boomerang feature and when is it going to launch

According to WhatsApp WABetaInfo, a new unique feature is going to be added to
WhatsApp very soon. Whose name will be WhatsApp Boomerang. Let us tell you, the
Boomerang feature is already connected on Instagram, in which you can create a
7-second video or GIF. A similar Boomerang feature is also going to be added to
WhatsApp. With which users can make 7 seconds of video or GIF on their
The WhatsApp Boomerang feature will first be enabled in the beta
version for iOS users, then it will be rolled out for the Android beta version.
The company has not yet clarified when we are going to launch the WhatsApp
Boomerang feature. They have just informed that we are about to launch a
feature called WhatsApp Boomerang, in which users can create a 7-second video
or GIF.

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The company has also said that when the feature named Boomerang
will be rolled out in WhatsApp, users will be able to log their WhatsApp
account into many devices such as computers, mobiles, tablets. It will be the
same as if you connect the account of your other sites with another device.
After the launch of WhatsApp Boomerang, you will be able to access
your account anywhere. WhatsApp had rolled out a feature called WhatsApp Web in
its initial year, in which users could connect their WhatsApp account with
their laptop or computer. This WhatsApp Web used to work only when WhatsApp was
open in mobile, but it will not happen now.
Now you will be able to connect your WhatsApp with many devices
and send messages, videos, photos, all this will be due to the WhatsApp
WhatsApp Boomerang feature. It will now be a big challenge for WhatsApp that
what new feature it is going to bring with the security of the user so that
their account is not hacked after the launch of WhatsApp Boomerang.
Users have been waiting for this feature many times. With the
addition of this feature, users can use their WhatsApp account in their MB as
well as their smartphone. Currently, this feature is also currently in beta
mode and is under testing. WhatsApp has a series of features from last year
till now, including many features like Frequent Forwarded Messages, Status
Hyde, but then users are waiting for many more features as well. Among these
features, the Dark Mode feature is also included.
WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram All three social media sites belong
to Mark Zuckerberg, so the company is taking special care for the users of all
its social sites. So that they can have a good experience in using all
WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. Now all of us will be waiting for WhatsApp
Boomerang feature and WhatsApp dark mode so that we can take advantage of the
new feature of WhatsApp.
Last word
Friends, we told you what is the WhatsApp Boomerang feature, how
it will work, and after the launch of the WhatsApp Boomerang feature, you will
be able to share your new experience on WhatsApp like Instagram. Tell us
through a comment that if you are also waiting for the launch of WhatsApp
Boomerang feature and if you like this information, then share it on social

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