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Teacher’s Day 2019: Why Teacher’s Day Is Celebrated, Speech On Teacher’s Day 2019

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We All Keep Learning Something With Our Parents From
Childhood, They Give Us The Courage To Distinguish Between Right And Wrong. If
There Is Anyone Else After The Parents, Then They Are The Guru. It Is Only The
Guru Who Takes His Disciple On The Right Path, Provides The Light Of Knowledge
Inside Him. Guru Is Seen In Another Form Of God, It Leads His Disciple From
Darkness To Light. Guru Cannot Be Compared To A Person, Because Guru Is In The
Form Of A God Who Shows Us The Right Path.
In This Article, We Will Tell You Why Teacher’s Day Is
Celebrated, When Teacher’s Day Is Celebrated, Why Teacher’s Day Is Celebrated,
Why Teacher’s Day Is Celebrated, In Whose Memory Teacher’s Day Is Celebrated,
Teacher’s Day Speech And Teacher Why Teacher’s Day Is Celebrated, When Is
Teacher’s Day Celebrated, In Whose Memory Is Teacher’s Day Celebrated, Essay On
Teacher’s Day And Precious Thoughts On Teacher’s Day, So Let’s All Talk About
Teacher’s Day One By One. Let’s Know.

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Why Is Teachers Day Celebrated?
Teachers’ Day Is Being Celebrated In India From 1962 To 5 September. On This Day, The
Great Educationist And Former Vice President Of India, Dr. Sarvepalli
Radhakrishnan Was Born. Radhakrishna Has Made A Huge Contribution In The
Education Sector Of India. He Believed That ‘A Teacher’s Brain Is The Best
Brain In The Country’. 
Once, Some Of Dr. Radhakrishnan’s Students And Friends
Told Him That He Wanted To Celebrate His Birthday. In Response To This, Dr.
Radha Krishnan Said That Instead Of Celebrating My Birthday Separately, I Would
Feel Proud If It Would Be Celebrated As Teacher’s Day. After This, Teachers Day
Started Being Celebrated On 
5 September
On This Day All Over India.
On This Day, We Remember This Great Educationist And
Say Respectful Thanks To All Our Teachers Who Have Lit The Lamp Of Knowledge In
Our Lives. A Teacher Is Such A Person Who Not Only Education But Also Tells The
Difference Between The Understanding Of The World And Right And Wrong.
Teacher’s Day Is Celebrated In Memory
Every Year, Teachers’ Day Is Celebrated In The Memory
Of Former President And Vice President Of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishna.
This Day Is The Birthday Of The First Vice President Of India And The Second
President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. His Birthday Is Celebrated As Teachers’ Day
In India. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Was A Pioneer Of Indian Culture, An Eminent
Educationist And A Great Philosopher. Before Joining Politics, Dr. Sarvepalli
Radhakrishnan Was A Respected Academic. He Was A Professor In Many Colleges.
Speech On Teachers Day 2019
You Can Tell This Speech In Front Of Everyone On The
Occasion Of Teachers’ Day On September 
5 In Your School, College,
And How The Importance Of A Teacher Is Important In Our Lives As Everyone.
There Is Only One Teacher Who Thinks About His Disciple Before Him. In Bakai,
The Teacher Has Put All Of Us On The Highest Position And He Is Still The Same
Today. We Cannot Forget His Kindness.
“Respected Our Teachers, Our Parents, Our Friends And Our Classmates Today, On September 5, I Have Got An Opportunity To
Share Some Of My Teacher’s Talk With You. If You Make Any Mistake In This
Speech, Then Forgive Yourself As A Disciple, Friend”
September 5,
Teachers’ Day Is Celebrated As The Birthday Of The First Vice President Of
India And The Second President, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. A Few Years Ago,
This Day Used To Be A Public Holiday In India, But In A Few Years The
Government Of India Has Made It Mandatory To Celebrate This Day In Every School
And Educational Institution.
Although Our Teachers’ Day Is Celebrated In Every
Country, But In India This Day Is Celebrated In A Great Way, Probably Because
In Our Indian Culture, The Gurus And Our Teachers Are Seen With Great Respect.
Since The Times Of Kings And Emperors, We Have A Special Importance Of Gurus In
Hindu Mythology.
Whether It Is The Auspiciousness Of Aruni Who, After
Obeying The Guru’s Command, Has Slept Himself To Become Rain-Fed To Prevent The
Rainwater From Entering The Field, Or The Great Archer Eklavya, Who Accepted
Dronacharya As A Guru And Learned The Guru Having Obeyed, He Has Cut His Thumb
And Given It To Guru Guru Dakshina.
Many Such Examples And Stories Still Exist In Our
Indian Culture, Which Teaches Us The Lesson Of Unwavering Love And Respect Of
The Guru-Disciple, But Today The Time Has Changed A Lot. Today, Our Gurus Need
Only One Thing From Us In Gurudakshina And That Is Respect. Everything Has
Become Intense In Today’s Modern And Runaway Lifestyle.
When We Finish Our Studies And Move Forward In Our
Life, We Do Not Know But A Person Always Remains There, After Finishing Our
Life, He Again Gets Involved In Living Someone Else’s Life. Always Carries The
Same Dream In The Mind That Their Educated Children Should Achieve A Big Place
In Life.
Between All These, There Comes A Time When We
Inadvertently Meet A Person At Some Point In Life, Due To Which We Have Been
Able To Fulfill Our Dreams In Our Life Today. When Our Gurus See Us At That
Stage, Many Times Tears Of Happiness Come Out Of Their Eyes.
The More Words We Write About Our Guru, The Less It
Will Go. They Cannot Be Compared With Anyone. This Is A Person Who Spends His
Life Only In Managing The Life Of Others And He Himself Stays At The Same Place
And Opens The Path Of Success For Others. It Is The Guru Who Leads Us From
Darkness To Light. It Occurs As A God For All Of Us. I End My Point With This,
With Best Wishes To All Of You On Teacher’s Day …
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