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Good speech and its history on Independence Day 2019

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India’s Independence Day is celebrated
every year on August 15. Indian people celebrate it as a
festival, the flag is used to roll in the entire India year, people give each
other the freedom day greetings. Culture programs are also organized in schools
and other places where students perform their art as well as do a lot of fun,
Jalebi, the national sweet of India, feeds each other.

On this day, the Prime Minister of
India is carrying flag from Lalkila and gives his speech on the economic
development and social development of this country. First of all, on 15 August 1947, the first Prime Minister of
India Shri Jawarlal Nehru addressed the countrymen through his speech on the
auspicious occasion of independence of this country from Lal Qila.

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When the whole world was sleeping,
then our India was unaware of the British Raj. Many years ago it was promised
to the Indian destiny that this British Raj will become independence very soon.
Now the time has come for us to fulfill our duty of being an Indian, not
completely but to a great extent. On 15 August 1947, our brave sons got this country free from the clutches of
the British. As if a new era had begun for India.

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History of

European merchant 17
v. From the century itself, Indians had started coming to the subcontinent and
Asia continent to do their business. This businessman got to see a lot of
opportunities and possibilities of doing his business in Hindustan, so he paid
more attention to his business on India than other provinces and started making
efforts to develop it further. European traders also got success in this.

When these traders felt that we could
take possession of India, they promoted their power and started running their
own monarchy on India. Here they are 18 V. The East India
Company was founded in Hindustan in Shatavadi, this company was also
established in other provinces of India, so that it started ruling in all the
provinces of Hindustan.

The British Government started
oppressing the Indian and began to embrace them. They imposed tax (Lagaan) on
the farmers here and started charging Lagaan from them. This included many
Indian people in their military power, which made them strong and strong. Their
attitude went on like this and they emigrated to the people.

Important role in
freeing India

Some Indians started to oppose the
British government Due to his low support in the party, the British Government
started punishing him and he was either imprisoned in jail or he was murdered.
Seeing such a monarchy, our ancestors shied away from supporting those who were
in opposition to the British government.

After many efforts, our heroic son
formed a team of his own and started agitating from place to place. Many people
got support from this, but thousands of supporters were killed. Still he did
not give up and thought of throwing the British out of India and continued his
efforts and support. Then it happened that God also approved.

There were movements against the
British in entire India, they started to boycott them. Born on this soil of
Hindustan, our ancestors like Veer Saput, Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi,
Pandit Jawarlal Nehru, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Khuddi Ram Bose, Bal Ganga Dhar
Tilak and millions of people started to boycott them. Various slogans were
given, due to which the people got excited and a large number of people became
against the British.

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Success in the movement against

When the whole country was tied into
one thread, the movement against the British became more rapid. Seeing all
this, the monarchy of the monarchy started taking Hindustani hostage, killing
them, but this effort of the British went against the Indians on a small scale.
We were limiting ourselves to the Indians, who had been using our limited
resources in the limited time by the British government, we used to rule the

The British government was afraid of
it that now the whole of India has been one, we will not be able to run our own
monarchy. The British got many riots and got millions of brave sons killed. Do
not know how many mothers took away their red from the attack, how many sisters
snatched their brother, how many Suhagan’s demands raised. Nevertheless, our
brave sons continued the British movement without flowing their lives.

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Slow reforms in British law continued
during the 1930s, with Congress winning the resulting
elections. The next decade was a period of considerable political turmoil. The
British Government became the headmaster in front of Veer Saput Hindustaniyo.
He gave up and ended his monarchy over India and left India forever. Political
tension increased in 1947 until independence The movement
of this subcontinent ended in the partition of India and Pakistan.

On August 14, 1947, the British government liberated Pakistan and on 15 August 1947 night, at twelve o’clock the
country was liberated. When the British government’s exposition on India ended,
India was divided into three countries, two new countries of Pakistan and
Bangladesh emerged. Even today, all these countries which have become
independent from the British Government, celebrate their independence every
year in a big way. As the time for independence is increasing, so is it being
celebrated on a larger scale.

Post Independence

The news reached the ears of every
Indian that he slept in a British Raj and he woke up in independent India.
Meaning that India had got independence from the British, now no one will be
able to dictate to them and no one will be able to take the rent. He is now
living in an independent India. Those who believe in democracy are living in a
country where everything will be done for the public, for the people and for
the public interest.

After India’s independence, Pandit Jawarlal
Nehru was made the first Prime Minister of India and Dr. Rajendra Prasad was
the first President of India. With his speech from Nehru Lal Fort, he addressed
the people of this country and wished them well. In his speech, where is the
future calling us? Where should we go and what should we do, so that we can
bring freedom and opportunity for common man, farmers and laborers.

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We could eradicate poverty, create a
prosperous, democratic and progressive country. Could we create such
socio-economic and political institutions that ensure the fulfillment and
justice of life for every man and woman? No country can become great as long as
the thinking or actions of its people are narrow.

Every year on the occasion of
Independence Day

The country’s first citizen and the
nation’s president give “the name of the nation” on the eve of
Independence Day. After this, the tricolor flag is hoisted on the Red Fort in
Delhi the next day. Which is given a 21-gun salute. After
this, the Prime Minister addresses the country. After the event, the students
of the school and members of the National Cadet Corps sing the national anthem.
This patriotic gathering held on Lal Qila is broadcast live on TV channel, so
that every person of India can see it from their home.

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Along with this, the tricolor is
hoisted in all schools, institutes and places in India as well as cultural
programs etc. are also organized. After the flag weighing, national sweets,
jalebi etc. are distributed to everyone in the form of offerings.

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